Deutsche WindGuard: one quarter million wind sensor calibrations

From one-man operation to internationally recognized wind tunnel centre in 20 years

Varel, 2023-04-13: 20 years after commissioning its first wind tunnel, Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services GmbH in Varel has now calibrated the 250,000th wind sensor. From a one-man business to an internationally recognised wind tunnel centre, the company’s history describes the continuous and consistent development of its service portfolio and technical equipment.

The first wind tunnel in 2003 was intended for the calibration of 1,000 cup anemometers for the wind energy industry per year. Today, Deutsche WindGuard yearly calibrates around 20,000 cup, propeller and ultrasonic anemometers, wind vanes and pitot tubes from all renowned manufacturers.

Dieter Westermann, first managing director and currently a consultant within Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services, prepares the 250,000th wind sensor for calibration.

Photo: Deutsche WindGuard 

For this purpose, the company operates a total of five Göttingen-type calibration wind tunnels, that are among the most precise in the world. The German national metrology institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt – PTB) uses one of them as a reference wind tunnel for its own projects.

Accredited by the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as a calibration laboratory for draw and tilt measurements, Deutsche WindGuard is also a founding and full member of MEASNET as well as an IECRE-recognised testing laboratory. “Also, through our active participation in various expert committees, our involvement in research projects and a large number of bachelor’s and master’s theses that we offer students, we have been keeping our know-how and equipment state of the art at all times for two decades now,” summarises Dieter Westermann, first managing director and currently a consultant within the company.

“Customers all over the world from the wind energy, meteorology, automotive and other industries appreciate our extensive expertise and many years of experience,” says Catharina Herold, Operations Manager Wind Tunnel Services, “and of course the short turnaround times that our 15-member team achieves with great commitment. At all times, our focus is on the customer with his individual requirements and needs.” In addition to calibration, the portfolio also includes the classification of anemometers, measurements, the sale of full packages including sensors and their calibration as well as inspection and maintenance of wind sensors. A climatic and an ice wind tunnel offer additional options for measurement and research.

“A quarter million calibrations are an outstanding milestone and equally an incentive for us to further expand our market position as one of the world’s leading wind tunnel specialists,” says Nicholas Balaresque, Managing Director of Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services, “that is why current projects are focusing on the strategic enhancement of our services – both nationally and internationally.”

Deutsche WindGuard – The Wind Professionals

Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services offers highest accuracy for wind sensor calibration and classification. The calibration laboratory, accredited by the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – DAkkS) according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, is a member of MEASNET, IECRE-accepted and ISO-45001-certified. With five calibration wind tunnels, a climatic wind tunnel, an icing wind tunnel and the acoustically optimized large wind tunnel, Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Centre offers ideal conditions for measuring, testing and R&D. Deutsche WindGuard Wind Tunnel Services is a part of the Deutsche WindGuard Group. In a complex energy market, Deutsche WindGuard is committed to providing unbiased and manufacturer-independent consulting and comprehensive scientific, technical, and operational services. Deutsche WindGuard was founded in 2000. With the headquarters in Varel, Germany, and subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, China and India, it employs more than 190 experienced experts.

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