Inspections & Management

Safe operation, safe data, safe revenue

Reliability has the highest priority for the profitability of your wind energy project. Deutsche WindGuard offers you a service portfolio for the operation of your turbines that is designed exactly for this purpose: We ensure that your turbines run safely and trouble-free at all times and generate the highest possible revenue.

Technical Inspections

Throughout their entire lifetime, your wind turbines are subject to regular inspection by authorised experts. As an accredited inspection body, Deutsche WindGuard Inspection is your reliable partner for all types of technical inspections - onshore and offshore. We guarantee you maximum independence and the highest quality standards.


Our 24/7 control centre, commissioned in 2021, currently monitors 380 wind turbines from all renowned manufacturers in 80 wind farms with a total capacity of over 860 MW. With comprehensive expertise and short response times, our technical management provides immediate support in the event of a malfunction and ensures that your turbine returns to operation as quickly as possible.

For commercial management, we also offer you extensive service and take care of all tasks that result from the entrepreneurial responsibility for your asset.

Management Software WONDER

Deutsche WindGuard's technical management uses the wind farm management system WONDER and the interactive inspection app WONDER onSITE. This powerful tool from Deutsche WindGuard Systems, the company's own software developer, retrieves all operating data from the turbines and employs a wide range of modules for processing and providing clear analyses of all important key figures.

Practical experience, new data processing methods and research results are incorporated into the continuous improvement of the applications.

You can also use WONDER for your independent operational management.

Benefit from synergies and direct channels

Choose operational management and inspections from one single source and benefit from synergies and direct channels within the WindGuard Group. Our technical managers and inspectors know your wind turbines inside out. Thus, we can keep an eye on the condition of your turbines at all times from different perspectives and can provide you with important information at crucial milestones in their life cycle for a substantiated decision-making basis.

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