Sensor Testing Under Icing Conditions

Would you like to know how your anemometer reacts in extreme temperatures? You can find out in our climatic wind tunnel. 

For further information on the testing of sensors under icing conditions, please visit the website of our wind tunnel centre.

Want to learn more on our climatic wind tunnel? Please click here for detailed technical information. 

Sensor Testing Under Icing Conditions
Climatic Wind Tunnel


  • Wind Speed Range: 0 – 25 [m/s]
  • Test Section Dimensions: 0.8 [m] x 0.8 [m] x 0.6 [m]
  • Contraction Ratio: 3.0:1
  • Temperature Range: -25 [°C] to 40 [°C]
  • Flow Profile: < 2 %
  • Liquid Water Content: up to 3 [g/m3]


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