Commercial Management wind farms

Commercial Management

The commercial management of wind famrs is divided into the two modules KOMPAKT and PREMIUM. Depending on the selected module, a different range of services is covered by Deutsche WindGuard and accordingly a graduated price structure is applied.

With the module variant KOMPAKT we offer the wind farm operator a solid and comprehensive service package, which focuses on the basic tasks of commercial management. The task spectrum includes beyond others the proper preparation of day-to-day financial accounting, liquidity monitoring and management and the execution of payment transactions. In addition, there is a target / actual comparison of costs, income and liquidity.

The module variant PREMIUM results in an interesting range of services for wind farm operators who want to transfer all commercial topics and the management into experienced hands. All the services of the KOMPAKT scope are included and supplemented by over-taking the management responsibility for the wind farm as well as a holsitic reporting.

Commercial Management
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