Condition-based Inspection

Early detection prevents subsequent damage

In order to continue insurance coverage, insurers stipulate a regular thorough inspection of the wind turbine as a prerequisite. The condition-based inspection assesses current technical condition of the wind turbine. It focuses on early detection of damage with the objective of avoiding subsequent damage.

As the operator, you are obliged to have the condition-based inspection conducted at the times agreed with your insurance company and to provide it with the inspection report.

Simultaneously, this inspection also enables you to notify the turbine manufacturer or any other contractual partners of any contract-relevant defects. You can initiate any necessary repair work in time, thus preventing a total failure. The ability to plan any required measures helps you to minimise your loss of earnings.

The condition-based inspection can also be an important part of the documentation, for example, in the event that the owner, the insurer or the service company changes.

Deutsche WindGuard - Condition-based Inspection of your Wind Turbine

Your independent expert

As a type A inspection body in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012, accredited by the German Accreditation Body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – DAkkS), Deutsche WindGuard is your independent expert for the condition-based inspection. Not only do we meet the corresponding requirements defined by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE – Bundesverband Windenergie e. V.) and Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG in the "Principles for the inspection of condition-based maintenance of wind turbines". As a member of the BWE expert committee, we also actively contributed to their development. Thus, count on our expertise for the condition-based inspection of your wind energy project.

Focus on technical condition

As the most extensive of all technical inspections, the condition-based inspection focuses on the technical condition of the wind turbine. The measures included in the inspection scope are defined in the principles of BWE and Gothaer Versicherung and are derived, among other standards, from DIN 31051 "Fundamentals of Maintenance". Depending on requirements, they can also be performed individually or may be supplemented with additional inspection services.

We summarise the results of the condition-based inspection in a detailed inspection report. It also contains precise documentation of any identified damage and anomalies, their evaluation and recommendations on scope and timing of repairs.

Scope of the condition-based inspection


The condition-based inspection can include all of the following services or a customised selection, depending on your individual requirements:

  • Evaluation of factual prerequisites for the inspection in accordance with specifications
  • Visual inspection of tower, nacelle and accessible parts of the foundation
  • Inspection of the rotor blades (if applicable with lightning protection measurement)
  • Blade eigenfrequency measurement
  • Visual inspection of gearbox, generators and main bearings by video endoscopy
  • Drive train vibration measurement (also recommended for gearless turbines)
  • Lubricant analysis
  • Review of all documents required for the inspection – in particular maintenance records, recurring inspection reports and management reports


Bank on our expertise

For full insurance coverage and flawless operation, ensure the fault-free condition of your turbine – with regular inspections that detect initial damage before it has serious consequences.

With over 20 years of experience in all facets of technical inspections, we know exactly what to look for when conducting the condition-based inspection of your wind turbine.

Information on our accreditation is available here >>>.

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