Site Suitability Studies

Do the site specific loads such as turbulence or wind shear match the wind turbine design assumptions? Can the system withstand these stresses for the entire period for which it was designed? These questions are of fundamental importance for the safety and financing of the project. The answer is standardised assessments, as per IEC Standards.

WindGuard expertise is backed by years of experience in building and structural design, on- and offshore. You can receive an examination of site conditions and design of a system from a single source – a short path to an optimal solution, and unique world-wide!

Site Suitability Studies

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The assessments according to IEC standard 61400-1


Ascertaining load-related data such as:

  • turbulence intensity
  • wind farm layout suitability – interpretation/explanation regarding turbulence intensity
  • extreme speeds that can be expected every 50 years
  • wind shear (increase in wind speed with height)

We can tell you all about the different IEC Standard assessments. For more information, please contact your Wind Guard representative.


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