Analysis of Operating Wind Farms

Minimal effort – high security. A thorough analysis of your operating wind farm gives you exactly that. Is the yield too low? Is there a threat of damage and/or failure? A timely investment in the protection of your wind turbine will maximise your profit. The ideal time is approximately after one year of operation or after unusual operating results.

Wind Guard supports you with comprehensive know-how with all our services for the wind energy industry, for example, with Site Suitability Studies, Technical Inspections or Rotor Blade Assessment. Our experts provide accurate single analyses in the case of problems or precise evaluations for best long-term performance.

Analysis of Operating Wind Farms
Yield Analysis


When a wind farm does not produce the forecasted revenues, a yield analysis by WindGuard will determine why. Was the wind resource over-estimated because of insufficient wind measurement or assessment? Is the technical availability of the system lower than thought? Was the maximum power curve of the wind turbine not attained? With the holistic expertise from all areas of the wind energy industry, WindGuard checks and quantifies all possible factors and optimises your yield.


Long-term Energy Yield Forecast


The long-term energy yield forecast is created after a wind farm has been in operation for about a year. At this point, there will be fewer uncertainties with the forecast than with those created during the planning phase. Thus, the range in the yield forecast can be defined by actual operating results, then refined and corrected if necessary.

A long-term energy yield forecast is ideal for banks and investors who want to safeguard their long-term commitment. This forecast is also recommended in the context of due diligence for wind farm acquisitions, or for revealing optimisation potential. 


Operational Data Analysis


With a holistic understanding of all aspects of wind energy, WindGuard experts analyse the operating data of your wind turbine, with the aim being to optimise performance. The data is examined to determine if unexpected turbine faults have occurred, and if so, for how long, how often, and what the resulting yield losses might be. Also, the WindGuard experts identify how to avoid future losses, by, for example, better adjustments of the turbine control. Drawing from operational data is the key to your success.


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