Due diligence for wind energy

Due Diligence

God is in the details, especially when it comes to complex technical processes. The extensive expertise of WindGuard finds sources of error and protects your investment through examination of earnings forecasts and contracts. As early as in the planning phase, WindGuard conducts a risk analysis of the technical details and in the further course of the project provides surveillance of building and commissioning.

Take advantage of WindGuard’s knowledge of wind resource assessments, cost modelling, contract reviews, technical management and experience as an accredited inspection body, not only for the technical issues in the planning of your wind farm, but expertise in litigation regarding earnings and warranty issues as well.

Due Diligence
We can clarify the following


  • What is the quality of the wind resource assessments? What energy yields can be expected?
  • Is the technical planning of the project compliant with local planning codes? Is the project feasible?
  • Is the content of the purchase and maintenance contracts and warranties appropriate?
  • Is the proposed technology associated with risks not covered in the contract?
  • What conditions apply for the connection to the power grid? Can power be fed into the system without risk? And at what price? Is the power purchase agreement fixed?
  • What is the probability of the implementation of the project?
  • How are the turbine types and manufacturers to be classified within the market?
  • What are other risks and how can you respond to them?


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