Wind measurement - with lidar or met mast

Do you want to know how the exact wind conditions at the site of your planned wind farm? Do you want to know what wind forecasts you can expect in the next few years?

We help you with planning, organization and implementation of an accredited wind measurement campaign. With our detailed measurement report, you will know exactly what you can expect. WindGuard is your partner for accredited measurements of wind resource, as well as for all measurements within the framework of site suitability assessments.

Why choose an accredited testing laboratory?

Deutsche WindGuard is accredited by the national German accreditation body DAkkS as a test laboratory in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for wind measurements. What advantages does an accredited wind measurement offer you compared to an inhouse-measurement by yourself? A wind measurement by an accredited measuring laboratory such as Deutsche WindGuard guarantees you a secure data base. WindGuard is also accredited for the entire wind measurement – including measurement with lidar, sodar and other remote sensors. With us, the quality does not end with the construction of the met mast, as with other suppliers.

Objectivity and bankability

The results of an accredited wind measurement are independent of self-interest and therefore objective. Banks and other investors have less reason to doubt them. Our wind resource assessments are recognized by all well-known banks – because they are accredited and carried out independently. An independent wind measurement is indispensable for a bankable earnings forecast.

High accuracy and traceability

All our sensors are calibrated to ensure maximum precision. For anemometer calibration we use our own, internationally recognized calibration wind tunnels. The WindGuard calibration of remote sensor such as lidar or sodar on our test field is also DAkkS-accredited. All calibrations are thus traceable to national standards. This allows us to optimally take into account the uncertainties of each individual sensor. Our wind measurements are meticulously and fully documented: from installation of the measurement system, to regular data checks and possible maintenance and repairs, up to all evaluations and reports. The whole campaign remains reproducible, even after years and can serve as a reliable basis for you.

Low measurement uncertainty

All sensors in our measurement chain are calibrated by accredited calibration laboratories. In addition, we take into account a variety of meteorological variables (such as turbulence intensity and wind shear) that can influence the measurement. This leads to a very precise, traceable and thus low measurement uncertainty. The measurement uncertainty budget, on the other hand, has an impact on the uncertainty factor of the wind resource assessment: the lower the measurement uncertainty, the more accurate the forecast. An accurate wind resource assessment protects you from long-term losses.

How our wind measurements look like

As an accredited testing laboratory, all our measurements are based on years of experience, expertise and maximum diligence. This covers a wide range of sites worldwide and the entire range of measurement systems: from classic measurements with met masts, to measurements with ground-based lidars  and sodars, to scanning-lidars. The calibration of our anemometers, wind vanes and lidars  takes place in fully accredited in-house laboratories. This enables us to keep delivery times short and to react flexibly to your requirements. Wind measurement concepts, redundant design and the experience of hundreds of projects worldwide ensure a clean process of measurement and impeccable results. On request, we can build the right measuring system for your individual campaign in our in-house workshop. Contact us for an individual turn key solution at your site!

Measurement according to international standards and guidelines


All our wind measurements are based on harmonized technical guidelines and standards.

In agreement with you, we select the appropriate technical scope  and standard for you. We are accredited by the national German accreditation body Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) GmbH for wind measurements with anemometers and remote measuring devices. We are also recognized by MEASNET for these measurements. We measure according to IEC 61400-12-1, FGW TR 6 or MEASNET Guideline Evaluation of Site Specific Wind Conditions – depending  on what you agree with us.


Preparation and optimization of wind measurement concepts


Measurement campaigns are as different as the sites where they take place. Our intelligent, redundant wind measurement concepts take these site-specific features into account. Together with you, we develop a project-specific design for the optimal measurement configuration in your case. We determine the type. duration, number and position of the measurements together with you. The finished design is the best possible compromise between precise wind resource assessment, compliance with technical standards and measurement costs. On request, we can supply the appropriate measuring system immediately.

If you have already developed a measurement concept, we will check it for compliance with the technical requirements as well as the suitability for the planned location. You benefit from our experience from more than 300 campaigns and especially our experience with difficult terrain, such as cold climate sites. With us you will find the right concept for every location.


Wind measurement with met mast and anemometers


Traditionally, wind resource measurements are carried out with a met mast, which is installed at the site and at the height of the planned wind turbine. In accordance with IEC 61400-12-1, the met mast is equipped with calibrated anemometers and wind vanes at specified measuring heights.

Thanks to our many years of activity in the field of wind measurements, we have built up an extensive international network of mast manufacturers. You can benefit from this network, because local providers are often cheaper and know the legal and geographical conditions on site. This prevents you from expensive surprises. We put together the measuring equipment for you and configure the system. We use the work of our accredited wind tunnels. You benefit from short delivery times and high flexibility.


Wind measurement with lidar or sodar


The lidar and sodar remote sensing systems are alternatives to data collection with wind met masts. Especially for offshore use, they offer cheap alternatives to a met mast. Lidar and sodar are low-maintenance and require little space. As an accredited calibration laboratory, we are recognized for the classification of lidar and sodar and operate our own test field for this purpose. We therefore know many systems down to the last detail and know how to use them in the best possible way. Our experience ranges from ground-based systems to scanning lidars. Both systems can measure at high altitudes and do not require planning permission. Our independent experts will be happy to advise you in which cases lidar and sodar can provide precise data for a reliable wind measurement.


What are lidar and sodar and how do you measure wind with them?


Lidar stands for "light detection and ranging" and refers to an optical wind measurement method. Laser beams are emitted and the wind direction and speed are calculated on the basis of the Doppler shift of the back-scattered light.

Sodar stands for "Sound/Sonic Detecting And Ranging" and refers to a sound-based wind measurement method. Sound waves are emitted and the wind direction and speed are calculated on the basis of the scattered signals.




On request, we offer you the entire package for your wind measurement in one step. Starting with the concept, we select the right technology for your site and procure the necessary sensors and equipment. Our construction teams ensure a professional installation of the measurement. Regular data checks ensure that the measurement runs smoothly over the planned period and that no data gaps occur. After completion of the measurement campaign, we take care of the dismantling of the measuring system and the comprehensive data evaluation. At the end, you will receive the complete documentation of the measurement in a detailed report, which leaves no questions unanswered.


Sale and rental of wind measurement systems

Adequate measurement technology is half the battle when it comes to a reliable measurement. Don't leave anything to chance here. Rely on optimal, tailor-made solutions instead of the conventional standard. Our experts determine the equipment and software required for your measurement concept and precisely coordinate all components with each other. We build an individual control cabinet and configure the system of loggers, sensors and software to suit your campaign.

Our systems are able to:

  • process different measuring points / sensors (e.g. lidar)
  • Perform freely selectable statistical pre-evaluations, e.g. for data reduction
  • Work with sensors that also record ice or other  weather conditions
  • other or different interfaces (Apple, MS, etc.)
  • be programmed for operation in different languages
  • networked with Web 2.0 for data presentation
  • several data acquisition systems unite

You do not have to buy the system; we also offer rental solutions. This includes not only the actual measurement technology, such as the control cabinet and the sensors, but also met masts as well a  lidars with and without associated trailer for an autonomous power supply. Benefit from professional technology, in which the WindGuard practice knowledge from power curve measurement, prototype measurement and resurveys is continuously incorporated.

Why Deutsche WindGuard?

With a wind measurement from Deutsche WindGuard, you are always optimally looked after. Whether you choose the comfortable turn-key solution or just want to rent equipment: With our tailor-made concept, you are always on the safe side. We are not only accredited and recognized according to all relevant wind measurement standards, we are actively involved in the further development of these standards.

At WindGuard you will receive an exceptional combination of know-how in the fields of anemometry, remote sensing systems (lidar, sodar) and wind resource assessments for your wind measurement. You benefit from the synergy effects of our broad range of services. Our experts bring experience from worldwide wind measurement campaigns to the table. In recent years we have conducted more than 300 campaigns with masts, 30 with lidars and sodars and sold around 400 wind measurement systems. Especially in difficult cold climate locations, you can benefit from our expertise.

Information on our accreditations is available here >>>.

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