Technical Rating & Verification

Putting offshore wind projects into effect involves high financial risks. It’s a complex interaction of site conditions, technology, and logistics. If you’re not careful, financial disaster is a very likely possibility.

Technical Rating & Verification
Technical Due Diligence


We assess the risks tied to the realisation of your offshore portfolio – from the technical risks of each component and the full turbine to those of the entire project. Considering the technical, logistical, certification- and license-related, and legal requirements, we subject your project to detailed scrutiny.


Technical Contract Specification


We advise you during negotiations with your suppliers and provide you with the relevant technical specifications and requirements.


Risk assessment


We identify potential risks and provide you with a qualitative and quantitative assessment – from each component to the entire project.


Power Curve Measurement


We verify that your turbine delivers the warranted power. Whether you choose a traditional met mast or an approach with LiDAR and nacelle anemometer – our power curve measurement is tailored to the site conditions and to your needs.


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