Secure maximum yields, cost control and profitability

Your wind turbines should run trouble-free at all times and generate the highest possible yield. Profitability of your investment is the focus for you as a wind farm owner. At all times, you want to be fully informed on how profitably your wind farm is operating.

With Deutsche WindGuard, you have an experienced partner at your side for the entire range of management tasks.

Commercial Management

With comprehensive expertise, entrepreneurial vision and more than a decade of experience in the commercial management of wind energy projects, we take care of financial accounting, cost and revenue control, liquidity, contract and insurance management, among other things.

Technical Management

We monitor your wind turbines around the clock in our modern control centre and ensure a quick return to normal operation in the event of a malfunction. At the same time, we assume a large number of tasks that result from your responsibility as an owner - for example, the fulfilment of requirements and conditions.

Demand-based night time signalling

December 31st, 2023, is expected to be the deadline for converting wind turbines to demand-based night time signalling. We can support you with all the challenges related to the regulatory and technical requirements of the conversion.

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