Site Assessment

An open field – a good business opportunity?

This question is not easy to answer when it comes to wind farm projects.

Therefore a reliable assessment can determine the long-term return on investment, financing and availability of credit.


All the factors at a glance

We look at all the relevant influences under a magnifying glass. What average and extreme wind speeds are expected? What is the wind shear? Can another turbine type provide a higher yield? Is the life-span of the turbine guaranteed? Is the wind farm layout optimised? Qualified answers to these questions can maximise your returns.

High level of acceptance of WindGuard’s data

The best turbine will not generate any return without official approval. Receive the necessary reports regarding noise, shadows, visibility or ice throw from WindGuard, all of which meet our strictly objective criteria. The high level of acceptance by officials can shorten the approval time for your project, and protects you from subsequent costly requirements.

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