LiDAR / SoDAR - Calibration

Power performance and wind resource measurements require calibrated sensors. This does not only apply for anemometers, but also when using LiDAR and SoDAR systems.

As the first company worldwide, Deutsche WindGuard performs calibration of all LiDAR and SoDAR systems with an accreditation by DAkkS, Germany’s national accreditation body. At our test site, we calibrate your remote sensing device via a 135m met mast with traceable sensors at eight height levels.

Your benefit: maximum acceptance through traceable calibration.


135 m met mast as reference source. Equipped at eight height levels with 12 cup anemometers, seven wind vanes, three 3D ultrasonic anemometers – all traceable to national standards.


Site-specific design of your wind measurement (inkl. LiDAR / SoDAR).


Open field testing facility for calibration to national standards and classification testing.

LIDAR / SODAR - Calibration

Information on our accreditations is available here >>>.

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