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Power Curve Measurement

How does the turbine perform in different types of wind?  The answer to this important question is crucial for your investment, because a turbine that fails to meet forecasts produces returns below your expectations. The performance, in addition to the loads, sound and network properties, is also fundamental for the certification of a wind turbine. Our clients receive all the necessary measurements on request from one source.

The relevant standards IEC 61400-12-1 and IEC 61400-12-2 have been very actively shaped by WindGuard. Additionally, we make special evaluations far beyond the standard, for example, for wind shear or turbulence behaviour.

Power Curve Measurement
Wind Guard is active in the following committees


  • Measnet (Association of measuring institutions that impose upon themselves additional high quality standards)
  • IEC (creative collaboration on standards by Axel Albers)
  • IEC RE Testing Laboratory Group
  • FGW
  • EWEA Power Curve Working Group


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