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Accreditation & Committees

WindGuard stands for independent services on the highest quality level.

For some of our more complex services, most of our subsidiaries are accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS GmbH. This provides our customers with the safety of objective, internationally accepted results on a consistently high level of quality.

You can find our accreditation certificates directly on the page of each  accredited service.


Growth needs standards. The compatibility of components within the electrical grid, the connection to the grid, legal certainty for both providers and policy-makers: worldwide, experts engage in recognised professional bodies to establish common guidelines and standards. We want things to move forward. Working actively in all major harmonization and standardization bodies as well as international research projects, we don’t just work according to standards – we set them.

WindGuard specialists play a decisive role in the following national and international committees.

Committee work nationally


BWE – Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.
(German Wind Energy Association)

  • Wind expert committee
  • Expert committee
  • Operator committee

FGW – Fördergesellschaft Windenergie
(Wind energy advancement association)

  • Committee of electrical properties FAEE (superior committee of FGW TR3, TR4 TR8)
  • Technical committee noise DKE/K-383, IEC TC88 Noise measurement
  • Working group FGW TR1 Determination of noise emission values
  • Working group FGW TR2 Performance curves
  • Working group FGW TR3 Measuring of units and plants (WTG and parks)
  • Working group FGW TR4 Modeling of units and plants
  • Working Group FGW TR6 Wind potential and energy yields
  • Working group FGW TR7 verification test
  • Working Group FGW TR8 Certification
  • Working group FGW TR10 Determination of site quality
  • Meeting of the certification bodies
  • Meeting of the measuring institutes 

WAB e.V.

  • Member of the board
  • Working group Service & Operation
  • Working group foundation structures and steel construction
  • Corrosion Protection Group

Stiftung Offshore-Windenergie
(German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation)

  • Member of the board
  • Working group offshore grid connection
  • Round table maritime security partnership
  • Consulting national offshore test field
  • Membership scientific advisory board

Deutsche Forschungsvereinigung für Mess-, Regelungs- und Systemtechnik e.V.
(German Research Association for Measurement, Control and Systems Engineering)

  • Chairman of the board
  • Member of the board

Forschungsnetzwerk erneuerbare Energien
(Renewable Energies Research Network)

  • Coordination of the Technical Committee Offshore Wind Energy

Normenstelle Schiffs- und Meerestechnik (NSMT)
(Ship and Marine Technology Standards Office)

  • Working Group Input Qualification of the Working Committee Offshore Wind Energy

Oldenburger Energiecluster OLEC e.V.

  • Member

Verband der akkreditierter Zertifizierungsstellen (VAZ e.V.)
(Association of accredited certification bodies)

  • Member Working Group Networks
Committee work internationally


IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission

  • IEC 61400-12-1 maintenance team (Power curve)
  • IEC 61400-13 maintenance team (Stress measurements)
  • IEC 61400-15 maintenance team (Site Assessment)
  • IEC RE testing laboratory group
  • IEC 61400-50-3 maintenance team (Wind measurement Gondellidar)

Measnet – International Network for Harmonised and Recognised Measurements in Wind Energy

  • Full member
  • Power Curve Expert Group
  • Remote Sensing Expert Group
  • Site Assessment Expert Group
  • Load measurement Expert Group
  • Anemometer Calibration Expert Group

IEA – International Energy Agency

  • IEA Task 32 - Annex Remote Sensing
  • IEA Task 26 - Cost of Wind Energy


  • WindEurope (formerly EWEA – European Wind Energy Association)
  • Power Curve Working Group, Indian Committee (ET42) of IEC TC88 regarding power characteristic curve, represented by Deutsche WindGuard India
  • Power curve working group (PCWG) which is a subgroup of ET42 that is part of IEC TC88 group. ET42 is the Indian apex body for harmonisation all IEC standards and is chaired by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and NIWE (National Institute of Wind Energy)
  • Power Curve Expert Group
  • Offshore Wind Industry Group



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